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Crème visage solide

Solid face cream exploits novel biochemistry but old ayurvedic philosophy


In most moisturizing creams, ingredients like hyaluronic acid or ceramides are incorporated. But they only give a superficial and short-lived effect. That is why most creams are recommended to be applied twice a day.

To achieve long term hydration and moisturization, we need to exploit novel skin hydration chemistry. Remarkably, 5000 years old ayurvedic plants provide that novel skin hydration.


We tested ayurvedic ingredients that can penetrate the skin barrier and activate synthesis of ceramides, hyaluronic acid, other NMFs, etc.


We have achieved a clinical skin hydration for 3 days and even beyond.

The Indian sandalwood heart extract is the hero ingredient in the smart cream


It targets over 130 skin genes including genes involved in retinoic acid metabolism.

etude clinique anti rides visage avant apres melo ayurveda creme solide.png

A retinol alternative without any side effects

Clinical trial confirms:


Wrinkles reduction

Skin appeasing (reduction in skin redness & itch)

Smoother skin

Even skin tone

Anti aging benefits

Visible pore reduction

Increased skin firmness, skin thickness & skin elasticity

Skin luminosity

Protection against exposomes (including minimum SPF)          

Skin barrier protection

Acne control

The product is suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive skins.



Skincare: keep it simple (bye bye overconsumption)


This solid face cream replaces the serums (ex: vitamin c, niacinamide, peptides, hyaluronic acid), retinol/anti-ageing creams, eye contour cream, exfoliants, toners, face oils.



Development phase and launch


The texture, product usability, product performance and stability are now complete. The product gives a soft matte finish after application.


A patent has been filed on the product innovation.


The product is ready for manufacturing and the product is ecocert compliant.

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